Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boots, Boots and More Boots...

Here is the boot post that I was going to get to yesterday... I am so glad that boots are so popular. I think they work well with a lot of outfits, and they look sexy too!

I love the "vinyl boots over skinny jeans" look. It makes legs look so long. Plus the feel of vinyl is just awesome!

I was looking for some pics of boots with leggings and either a short skirt or a long sweater, but I could not find any. I think the next time I am at the mall, I will get a few pics and then post them. There is never a shortage of people that want to model when they look good.

I would also love to see some of you in boot pics, so if you have any, send them to me! I will post a user contribution post!

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